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See what customers say about their experiences with Bathmate pumps - Does Bathmate pump works or no?

The Bathmate hydro pump does get results in almost all cases and most guys experienced increased penis size of 1 to 3 inches and increased girth of 30%. These gains usually come easily, but regular usage is necessary to see permanent results. Daily use of this penis pump can give results that make your penis larger when flaccid and erect.

We have dozens of Bathmate testimonials, but, since there’s no point in reading pages and pages, we selected a few videos that we found were the most appropriate and that can give you a true insight into how’s life with Bathmate. Enjoy in few manually chosen Bathmate reviews and if you want to read more, contact us anytime and we’ll send you more!

Enhanced Manhood

My experience with the Bathmate Hercules/Hydro7

The size of your manhood can give you high self-esteem or low self-esteem. For me it was the latter. I tried everything from pumps to supplements. Here's my experience with the Hercules Bathmate.

Matt Mitchell

Bathmate GAINS: Are They Permanent?

You have to look at it in the same light as weightlifting. It takes time and focuses to get a solid muscular build, but once you have that build, it’s much easier to maintain it (than it was to build it).

Using Bathmate is the same thing, in the beginning, you have to put in the time, and focus required to get that 1-2 inches in increased size.

Once you’ve achieved that though, you could use Bathmate 1-2 X per week (for 10-20 minutes) and keep 90-95% of your gains. If you only use it once a week (for 10-20 minutes), then you can expect to keep about 70-80% of your gains.

Mark Nash

My Experience After 4 Weeks Use Hydromax Pump

One of the best things about using this pump is that I noticed a difference after every single session. This gave me the motivation to carry on using the pump.

I have only been using the pump for 4 weeks so I’ve not been using it long enough to see permanent gains. I am happy with the temporary gains, especially when using them before sex.

My sexual confidence has increased and my extra girth is pleasing my girlfriend. She is making noises that I have never heard her make before. This has boosted my confidence levels. Our relationship is now much stronger than it was before.



Bathmate comes with several different options for maximum results

Bathmate Hydro Range


The world’s first and original hydro pump range. Perfect if you are just starting out and don’t want to break the bank …Read More »
Bathmate Hydromax Range


With 35% more power than the Hydro series, it’s clear why these two are the best-selling hydro pumps on the market …Read More »
Bathmate HydroXtreme Range


Xtreme comes complete with detachable handball & all accessories. More Power! Faster Results! Better Design!Read More »


Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back

Try it, use it, feel the benefits for yourself and if you are not happy for any reason send it back within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Purchasing Bathmate products is a big investment for your life. So Bathmate manufactured want to make sure that your going to be satisfied with your purchase. All purchasing trough Bathmate official website will get following:

  • Guaranteed results within 60 days of purchase, or a full refund on return.
  • A free 2-year warranty for all hydropumps; and
  • Free, discreet worldwide shipping.

This offer is only valid on pumps purchased through they official website
If you claim a refund for your first 60 days and later decide you want to re-purchase, this offer will no longer be available. This is necessary to avoid abuse of the offer.