Advantages From Training With Bathmate

Many men were surprisingly cool with talking about their penis size and how the Bathmate System changed their life (one of the first penis pumps). It all seems a little suspicious, especially since many people don’t believe that penis length can be changed – at least not without radical surgery.

But is it all a scam? Is there any science behind some of these lengthening products? One of the top products online right now is the Bathmate Hydromax Pump Series, which promises similar results but claims to be the real thing – an amazing tool that can lengthen your penis effectively and safely.

In this discussion, we’re going to talk about what the Bathmate product does, how it handles penis lengthening technology differently, and whether it’s worth buying.

What is Bathmate and How Does it Work?

All the Bathmate models are basically penis pumps, but reimagined with water replacing air. It’s designed to be used in the bath, or the shower, or even in a backyard pool – where hopefully you’re fenced in and invisible to the neighbors!

What Does a Penis Pump Do for Erectile Dysfunction?

A penis pump creates vacuum pressure, forcing blood into the penis, thereby filling blood vessels up and enlarging the volume of the corpora cavernosa. Now engorged with blood, the penis length and girth increases, opening vessels wider.

Since this is a naturally enhanced erection and doesn’t involve traction, the erection size increase is temporary.

Now some people claim that when the blood vessels get very engorged, they tear at a microscopic level and the body heals itself – you know just the same as when you lift weights. The penis cells start growing again and this time they cover the gaps of the previous injury.

BHM Hydromax Series

To Tear or Not to Tear?

The problem is, this isn’t verified science. In fact, some sources like Healthline discourage the “tear and heal” approach, suggesting scarring may weaken erections over time.

There was a test back in 2010 by a certain Dr. Yuan who studied the effects of penis pumps after radical prostatectomy surgery. Yeah, so there is a big jump between radical prostatectomy and the average guy, who wants to look like Peter North. (Oh come on, did you really expect to read a Ron Jeremy reference nowadays?)

Most of Yuan’s testing pointed to temporary erections or an increase in rigidity. Making an erection harder, more engorged with blood, will make it look longer and thicker. Weak erections make the penis look smaller.

Why Would a Doctor Recommend a Penis Pump?

To be perfectly honest, few doctors are going to recommend a penis pump instead of Viagra. Doctors are used to prescribing Viagra and consider it relatively harmless, unless you have a pre-existing heart condition.

However, most doctors are going to tell you that a sexual aid, medication, or a dramatic change in lifestyle is a better alternative than simply not worrying about your erections and letting things get all Lake Flaccid for the rest of your life.

Not bothering to have sex or even masturbate anymore will “retire” your penis. This doesn’t mean you will be permanently impotent. But you will not be as hard, thick or as long as you could be. The penis works at maximum capacity when it is put to use, or exercised – as in, kept erect for longer periods of time and as frequently as you can comfortably manage.

As men age, it’s particularly important to keep blood flow moving down there. Now comes the asterisk. A doctor might prescribe a penis pump instead of Viagra IF the side effects of easy medication are a risk for you.

Are There Side Effects?

Penis pumps usually don’t have any major side effects, especially when a man is recovering from surgery, as the tests proved. However, because of the slight risk of penis bruising around the base, and scarring from extremely high pressure, some people are completely unwilling to consider pumps.

These risks are intrinsically related to the air pump design of the penis pump. The FDA even issued a warning, suggesting that the air pressure from a penis pump is so extreme it could cause priapism or cause bleeding under the skin.

While this warning didn’t exactly stop men from jerking off (and why would it?) it did motivate some companies to look into new technology – namely the water-based bump.

When it comes to penis pumps, you could say that you’re basically working your penis out like you would your biceps or abs. When you hit the gym you’re not mutilating yourself, you’re just increasing the size of your muscles, by providing more stress that forces them to adapt and become stronger after healing.

Now here’s why I like the Bathmate pump even better – it’s not an air pump. It’s something new.

How Bathmate Pump Works

The Bathmate hydropump is something new because it replaces the air mechanism with water. You accomplish comparable levels of pressure while keeping the penis more relaxed and in safer condition than when you use an air pump.

The Bathmate starts by getting your member wet, warm, and then soft thanks to a water-caress of the penile tissue. With the Bathmate pump, you force water when you push on the bellows device, creating high pressure on the penis but doing it evenly.

When you release, blood is pushed into the penis by the heart. Doing so makes up for the change in pressure and doesn’t stress the heart.

The water system allows for more evenly distributed pressure, in contrast to air pumps, which create high but smaller concentrations of pressure all over the penis. This is what could cause damage, but it’s the limitations of air pressure. A water pump-based tool is less likely to cause uneven pressure spots, though to be safe, always follow directions and DO NOT over pump.

Size Increase vs. Penis Health

It’s important to highlight the point that you must have a healthy penis before you have a longer penis. If you were to have penis enlargement surgery by snapping the suspensory ligament, you would be bigger but would have compromised erection power.

Invigorated erections are more immediately important than a size increase, because once you have more blood in the penis, you feel thicker, longer, and have better staying power. You feel it and so does your partner.

How Long Until You See Results from Bathmate?

How long does it take for a Bathmate product to work? Here is a ten step guide on how to use a Bathmate product.

  • Focus on relaxing in a bath or shower, at least for a few minutes. De-stress as much as possible.
  • Then, push the little pip piece into the closed position.
  • Remove the insert and then fill the pump with water.
  • Put the comfort insert back.
  • Place the pump over your penis. You don’t have to make it hard. The black pip piece should be closed. Your testicles should be out of the way.
  • Angle the pump slightly up and then open the valve, pushing the piece into the central position.
  • Pump – slow and even, until the bellows piece weakens.
  • To remove the pump, release the vacuum first, depressing the cap. This causes the quick release function and the pump easily slides off.
  • If you want to give your penis a workout over time, REMOVE the device every couple of minutes to let your penis breathe and retract slightly. This will keep you safe from too much pressure.
  • Finally, massage your penis after it weakens and then reapply the pump to repeat the steps. Do not exceed the maximum pump suggestions; it’s usually 3 times in 15 minutes, or five minutes for each session, and only once within 24 hours, no more than that.

The most obvious beginning results can be seen in approximately 60 days, which is precisely why the company’s money back guarantee is good for 60 days. The company claims that overall, over 80 percent of its customers reported longer or better quality erections after use.

For that matter, 83 percent of users said they notice a penis size increase after 6 months, or as long as 12 months.

Weekly Results Using Hydromax Pump

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

This results based on personal experience. Every man may get positive effects different depend how they use correctly.


In closing, Bathmate is the best pump on the market, at least in my opinion, for its combination of safety first, wonderful enhancement feeling, and temporary gains if you’re into measuring. It’s not going to grow overnight, but you will definitely feel the difference as you keep using it day to day.

By month two, you will feel like the porn star you may not be able to out-gun in real life. Because you will last longer, feel bigger, and stretch out with all that veiny glory. It will feel like you just dosed Viagra because it’s the kind of erection that doesn’t just go away with a passing thought.

You feel it longer and you have to actually take time to orgasm and release that tension. If you want sexual enhancement, regardless of your age, give the Bathmate Hydromax series a fair try and make sure you’re in it for the long haul.