Bathmate Results

What to Realistically Expect

This Results depend on the user. With regular use, you will improve size and erection quality.

Many men were surprisingly cool with talking about their penis size and how the Penis Amplifier 2000 changed their life (one of the first penis pumps). It all seems a little suspicious, especially since many people don’t believe that penis length can be changed – at least not without radical surgery.

But is it all a scam? Is there any science behind some of these lengthening products? One of the top products online right now is the Bathmate Hydromax Pump Series, which promises similar results but claims to be the real thing – an amazing tool that can lengthen your penis effectively and safely.

In this discussion, we’re going to talk about what the Bathmate product does, how it handles penis lengthening technology differently, and whether it’s worth buying.


How Long Until You See Results from Bathmate?

Here is a ten step guide on how to use a Bathmate product.

Focus on relaxing in a bath or shower, at least for a few minutes. De-stress as much as possible.
Then, push the little pip piece into the closed position.
Remove the insert and then fill the pump with water.
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