The Next Stage of Hydro Pump Evolution

Hydromax is the next stage of Bathmate Hydro Pump evolution. Come with innovative bellows pump system and valve that can give 35% more power than before for more safety and comfort.

HydroMax - New Generation of Bathmate Pump

HydroMax is the ultimate bathmate hydro pump technology for penis exercise and health. This hydro pump uses a unique bellows pump system to ensure your penis is looking its best and feeling amazing.

With 35% more suction power than the previous model, the bellows pump system provides you with quicker and more pleasurable gains. An all-new ring at the base of the vacuum helps provide the penis and testicles with greater comfort during pumping and can be easily removed for cleaning.

To the uninitiated, this product works like a basic penis pump but filled with water for even application of suction pressure leading to enhanced penile exercising.

A new swivel bellows feature allows for full 360-degree rotation so that you can watch clearly as your penis becomes enhanced, and a latch valve system allows for single hand filling in the shower. Measurements are provided along the length of the pump in both metric and imperial so you can keep track of your improvements, and texturing on the tube allows for you to keep a firm grip while you pump away.

Hydro Max

Key Features

Bellows pump

New Bellows pump - 35% more power

By introducing new materials into the mix we have been able to create a unique bellows system that is not only stronger and more durable but also gives more flexibility, allowing you to create greater suction with less effort.

The internal bellows size has also been increased and the number of convolutes reduced giving you plenty of room for increased girth expansion.

New Removable Comfort Pad

The addition of our new super soft comfort pads have been a revelation in providing a tighter and more comfortable seal against the body, this means less pumping and less loss of suction. The soft-touch outer edge feels great against the body and the rigid inner tube provides a strong and sturdy shield around your penis from the inside of the bellows. Comfort pads are completely removable for easy cleaning and general hygiene.

Comfort Pad


New Superflow Latch Valve

Probably the most important change we’ve made, and certainly the most technically challenging, has been the re-engineering of the valve that controls the flow of water out of the device. By adding a new latch (or switch) to the valve you can now close the valve to prevent water escaping when filling. This small but important change now allows you to fill the device with only one hand leaving the other free to sort yourself out or get your accessories ready.

We’ve also designed the new valve to hold pressure for longer and introduced a slow pressure release mechanism to ensure that you don’t over pump, keeping you safe at all times.

Metric & Imperial Measuring Guide

The clear measuring guide on the front of the device has been re-designed to include both imperial and metric measurements giving you the ability to track your progress in a scale that you understand

Hydro Max

Key Benefits

Help To Decrease And Prevent Impotence

By promoting increased blood flow to the penis, hydro pumping helps to improve erection quality; producing bigger and firmer erections.

Helps in Peyronies Disease

HydroMax is reported to produce appreciable improvements where the curvature of the penis is less than 20 degrees

Increases Penis Length

Gains of around 2-3 inches in length may be expected by regular use

Increase Penis Girth

Gains up to 30% in penis girth may be expected by regular use

Permanent Results

After around 6 weeks of use as instructed

Only 15 Minutes a Day

Use in the shower or the bath

Safe To Use

Made using Skin Safe Medical Grade Materials

Get A Big Change With Our Hydro Pump

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