the Next generation of hydropumps

Designed for effective and real results, Hydromax is a big upgrade from the original Bathmate series. Comes with more pressure and redesigned ultra-comfortable valve making this pump more comfortable to use.

Perfect whether you’re starting out with pumping your penis or looking to take your workout to a new level.

Bathmate HydroMax 7


Available in 5 different sizes Hydromax working for anyone with an erection size between 1 up to 9 inches
Bathmate HydroMax 7

The Bathmate Hydromax is a simple to use penis pump – there are no attachments, settings or complex setup instructions allowing you to begin your first enlargement routine the minute you receive your Hydromax delivery. Made from highly durable polycarbonate plastic for the cylinder and skin safe rubber for the pump gaiter, the Hydromax maintains the incredibly high build quality of any Bathmate model.

The Bathmate Hydromax has an improved gaiter pump which allows a vast improvement in suction strength – a whopping 35% increase. In addition the new gaiters are stronger and more durable whilst remaining highly flexible allowing for effortless pumping sessions.

Hydromax Gaiter System
Hydromax Pad System

Each session of use should be approximately 15 minutes in length whilst a new and improved removal comfort pad has been introduced to ensure pleasurably wearability of the device. The new comfort pad allows for a tighter, more comfortable seal against the body resulting in improved suction and less pumping effort. The new pads provide unparalleled, super soft positioning of the Hydromax device whilst making cleaning an effortless process.

To further enhance and simplify the usage of the Hydromax, the release valve that moderates the flow of water out of the device has been redesigned and improved. The result is the ability to close the release value ensuring no loss of water occurs when filling the device whilst improving the devices ability to hold pressure for longer ultimately reducing the need to repump during a session.

Hydromax Valpe System

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