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This the latest incarnation from popular Bathmate pump lineup. The new HydroXtreme model boasts the quality and durability of the original Bathmate whilst also offering a handball pump that works in water for better sensation, improved gains and ultimate control and comfort.



Available in 5 different sizes Hydroxtreme working for anyone with an erection size between 1 up to 9 inches
Hydroxtreme Bundle Pack

HydroXtreme Bundle Package Included ...

If you’re serious about P.E. the Bathmate HydroXtreme is the right choose for you.

The Bathmate HydroXtreme combines all the qualities of the original Bathmate – you can use it in the bath or shower with or without water – whilst offering superior pressure and ease of use thanks to the addition of the handball pump; an element never before seen on hydro based, penis enlargement pumps.

Part of the improved design of the HydroXtreme models is the addition of the updated comfort pad which is inserted into the base of the gaiter for added comfort, support and suction power. The release valve has also been improved to allow the simple and easy one click attachment of the hose attachment and handball pump.

Due to the added pressure when using the handball pump we recommend using the HydroXtreme for a maximum of 15 minutes per day. The HydroXtreme is incredibly powerful and has been specifically engineered for more advanced users. If you are a penis pump beginner we recommend using the HydroXtreme with caution at a pressure you feel comfortable with.

Comfort Pad
Hanball Pump

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