The First Innovation of Bathmate Hydro Pump

HYDRO7 is the brand NEW and original worldwide patented Hydro Pump, and as the world’s best selling penis enlargement device is used by thousands of men in over 70 countries.

Hydro7 - The World’s First Hydro Pump

Hydro 7 (formerly known as the Hercules) was the world’s first ever penis enlarger based on the use of hydraulics, with over one million sold since it was first launched in 2006.

Unlike other pump devices on the market, which are based on creating pressure by the use of air vacuums, Bathmate pumps use water technology to not only create the ultimate vacuum force but to produce pressure that is evenly distributed. This not only makes their products the most powerful pumps on the market, but they’re also the ones that produce unrivaled results.

With its revolutionary design and impressive performance, the Hydro 7 is easy-to-use and enables you to gain all the benefits of pumping for penile health and wellbeing. It is particularly recommended for beginners as a safe and convenient way to practice penile rigidity exercises.

Hydro 7 is designed for use by men with a current penis size of 5 to 7 inches when erect.

hydro7 group
hydro 7 gaiter

Key Features

The pump gaiter design forces are calculated to allow a minimal compression force whilst achieving maximum expansion force to allow the maximum growth with the minimum of discomfort.

The more water is forced from the Bathmate Hydro 7, the more the penis is forced to expand and the higher the hydro-force vacuum becomes within.

Conventional air vacuum developers allow the air within to act like a sponge and compress and expand without enlarging the penis in proportion, this results in the enlargement of certain area and not other, (i.e. foreskin and not length or girth.

Key Benefits

Help to decrease and prevent impotence

By promoting increased blood flow to the penis, hydro pumping helps to improve erection quality; producing bigger and firmer erections.

Helps in Peyronies Disease

Bathmate Hydro7 is reported to produce appreciable improvements where the curvature of the penis is less than 20 degrees

Increases Penis Length

Gains of around 2-3 inches in length may be expected by regular use

Increase Penis Girth

Gains up to 30% in penis girth may be expected by regular use

Permanent Results

After around 6 weeks of use as instructed

Only 15 Minutes a Day

Use in the shower or the bath

Safe To Use

Made using Skin Safe Medical Grade Materials

Get A Big Change With Our Hydro Pump

We are so confident in our products and services, that we back them with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee.


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Guarantee Results

Results will showing in 15 minutes at the first time you use Bathmate

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