Deliver unmatched size gain and better experience. Perfect for beginner user who want to unlock their sexual potential

Bathmate hydro

Upgrading power and performance from the original series. Perfect for increase penis size and unlock your sexual potential

Bathmate HydroMax 7

The most advanced Hydropump range. Come with many additional featured for deliver better results, both gain size length and girth

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FDA CLEARED MEDICAL DEVICES made exclusively for increasing penis size and keep your penis in the top performance

Bathmate Is Incredibly Especially Powerful Penis Pump Devices


The world's leading penis pump brand with many additional benefits

Bathmate is a unique and powerful penis pump that has evolved to offer consumers exactly what they want. Backed by more than 10 years of real-life testing. Bathmate pump becomes the world’s best selling for some reason:

This pump applying new revolutionary technology using the power of water to keep your penis in the top performance. By combination using the pump, water, and exercise you will get full penis workout in the bath or shower.

Bathmate pump is a new proven enhancement techniques with cutting edge hydraulic science to provide you with probably the most effective penis enlarger on the earth.

Over 85%* of users reporting real results (per a 2018 survey of 155 customers), Bathmate creates penis pumps that really work.

“Just Add A Water” You will get a full penis workout in the bath or shower.

bathmate full range

Bathmate Awards

Customers aren’t the only ones that love Bathmate! Every year Bathmate wins awards from the likes of Sign Magazine, Ean Erotix, Alt Porn and Adultex (to name just a few) thanks to its well thought out design, exceptional build quality and awesome results.

Key Features

Short Term Results

You can expect to see the first erection enhancement results after the first time using Bathmate pump.

Unique Hydropump Technology

Bathmate is developed by group of specialists in the fields of urology and sexology so makes this pump safe, efficient, and multi-functional.

Products Quality

Bathmate is a patented device that has been repeatedly tested during laboratory studies. This fact is evidenced by multiple quality certificates.

Recommended By Doctors

Many urologists, who treat patients with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, strongly recommend using a Bathmate penis pump.

Long Term Results

Bring back your sexual performance and Increase penis size up to 30% in length and girth.

Customer Satisfaction

More than a million customers worldwide testify about the reliability of the device.

Affordable Price

Our Bathmate pump has a loyal price, in the range from $110 up to $349. This depend on what size you used

Safety of Use

Bathmate designed using high-grade material and come with controllable pressure power system to avoid excessive pressure during pumpingBathmate pump is designed using high-grade material that safe for skin.

user guide...

Learn scientific principle behind how Bathmate pump works to achieve your full sexual ability read more

Please read the instructions carefully, this is a guide for you to generate the maximum potential read more

Take a look at some real Bathmate results, along with before and after journeys! read more


Browse all collection of Bathmate pumps and choose the suitable size for you.

There are 3 Bathmate range and 6 different sizes that accommodate penis size between 3 to 9 inches

Over 1 Million SatisfiedHappiness Customers Worldwide

Bathmate delivers a real result that brings you to the next level

I bought this item thinking it wouldn’t work but it has surprised me. I’ve released so much harder and it just feels like I was younger again. I’ve seen my erection gain an inch already in the pump and out of the pump about half an inch. That’s in one week. Really doesn’t hurt but I do it for 15 minutes every other day. I give one day to rest. Love this product so far so good!

Kevin R.


I have tried other pumps but after purchasing the Hydromax7 I have better results in size, the pump is of better quality, and you have a team of people to help you and spare parts to keep this pump going for years to come. I’m enjoying this pump and plan on to keep using it.

Keith J.


Never used a water based pump before – the difference I can tell, is the seal is super solid. With air pumps I found I had to re-pump every minute or so because of lost pressure but not with the Hydromax. Once you create that pressure it stays put. Very happy with the results.

Chris S.


The Hydromax7 that I purchased was THE BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself. In a matter of a week I noticed improvement to my erections and state of mind. It has given me a new sense of vitality and confidence. I was able to actually perform in bed for the first time THIS year! I know a lot of it is anxiety and stress but this product is a game changer for this 60-year old guy.

David M.


After the first use I noticed a great difference, erection quality, girth and even my flaccid state improved as well. After about 2 weeks of properly using it with 3 days rest in between, with a bit more time in the chamber along with jelqing massages, a bit after each pumping plus jelq stretching after the sessions done, when I’m dried up I actually grew a few centimeters in length. Since the hydrotherapy and penile massages/stretches must be helping and fixing something down below. A very worthwhile purchase indeed.

Jonathan V.


I was hesitant to write a review about a d*ck pump but then I realized that I’m a grown ass man. This is literally the best designed and functional pump ever made. I’ve had previous pumps and wished that they would operate the way my HydroMax works. This pump is comfortable and premium.

The results are lasting and exactly what I wanted. This pump is pricey but with the amount of money that I’ve spent in the past on different pumps, I realize that I was throwing money down the drain. This is not a quick answer product this is a pump solution. I also realize how selfish I’ve been to my girlfriend for not purchasing this sooner.

Andre W.


60 Days Money-Back GUARANTEE

60 Day Guarantee

Purchasing Bathmate products is a big investment for your life. So Bathmate manufactured want to make sure that your going to be satisfied with your purchase. All purchasing trough Bathmate official website will get following:

This offer is only valid on pumps purchased through they official website
If you claim a refund for your first 60 days and later decide you want to re-purchase, this offer will no longer be available. This is necessary to avoid abuse of the offer.