Principle Of Bathmate Action

Most men fail miserably at increasing the size of their penis because they are looking for quick-fix magic formula’s or pills to do the hard work for them. The truth is, just like any regular workout at the gym, your penis needs a workout if you want to to see gains.

With the help of hydropump, a vacuum is created around the penis for 15 minutes.
Due to the vacuum, the tissues of the penis expand in the hydropump and the penis becomes larger.

The effect of the vacuum stays for 8 hours, so the penis is stretched for a significant amount of time.

Such long stretch adds volume to the cells – the appearance of additional cells and the growth of the penis.
This is the body’s response to adapt the tissue to the surrounding environment.

The penis grows from training to training; therefore, to keep it growing, frequency and constant classes are required.


The excitement of the sexual system starts with the head.
The brain sends a signal and cavernous bodies begin to secrete the nitrogen monoxide (NO).
Released (NO) interacts with the hoisin monophosphate substance.
As a result of the reaction guanosine monophosphate (GMP) appears, which relaxes the smooth muscles at the root of the penis and gives the ability of the blood to enter the cavernous bodies, while increasing the resistance of the venous outflow and arterial blood flow.
Blood fills the cavernous bodies that contain many small cavities, which are filled with blood during the erection.
The penis straightens and increases in size and natural erection appear.

The pressure in the penis during the erection is less or equal to the medium arterial pressure which is restrained by the protein membrane of the penis.
The highest, a short-term increase of the pressure occurs with the contraction of the pelvic muscles (Intra-cavernous pressure rises, above-average arterial pressure), which increases the hardness of the penis, but it is not long-lasting and is limited by the fatigue of the pelvic muscles.

When using medications that relax smooth muscles of the penis, you can only initiate the erection which cannot be much stronger than natural erection with natural arterial pressure in a healthy man.
The penis cannot be enlarged by medications, often sex, or masturbation.


On the surface of the human body, the atmosphere presses evenly with the strength of 10-15 tons. On each 1cm2 of the body surface, evenly presses more than 1 kilogram of atmosphere load.

The organism was created in such a way that its inner pressure, construction of the body itself and its tissues, as well as density of substances of which it consists, levels out the pressure of the atmosphere.

When creating a vacuum around the penis with a hydropump, the pressure on its surface significantly lowers and the list of needed and useful effects for penis enlargement appear:

  1. Elastic construction of the penis which is constantly resisting the atmosphere pressure experiences less inner load and expands in volume.
  2. The increase of volume of the penis attracts the blood to the cavernous bodies, spreading the smooth muscles in the penis and at its base.
  3. Due to the inner arterial pressure, the blood rushes even stronger towards the area of the penis, filling up the expanded spongy body with itself, the cavernous bodies and caverns.

This way, regulated and artificial erection appears, which drastically exceeds the natural erection.

All tissues of the penis, walls, cavernous bodies, and caverns experience strong, even, and proportionate stretch and increase in volume in only 15 minutes.

All stretchers for the penis enlargement cannot oppose anything adequate to such stretching. (Extenders and stretchers apply the load pointwise and in one direction which is too light (only about 200-500 grams), to truly stretch and train the penis. Extenders only work after the ligament cutting surgery, which pulls the root of the penis from the pelvis.

Without cutting the ligament of the penis, it’s practically impossible to enlarge the penis with extender or stretcher by more than 5-10%, even in one year. The hydropump gives this effect in only 15 minutes.

Advantage Using Hydropump


Bathmate can help you and it certainly does help with getting rid of excessive curvature of the penis. The reasons for the curvature can be various such as congenital curvature, as well as developed due to Peronei’s disease.

Hydropump is chosen by penis size. The curved penis will be directed by the walls of the pump during the training and it will start to straighten. During the training, the shorter side of the penis will experience stretching a lot more than its long side. Gradually and with time, the short side of the penis will stretch and will develop new tissue. When straightening the penis, extra length is being released. Depending on the level of the curvature, as much as 10% can be added to the overall length of the penis. Average penis straightening: 75-80% of the initial angle of curvature.


The penis is composed of 50% of the smooth muscles. All types of muscles, including the smooth, can be trained during stress.

Stretching the smooth muscles and filling them up with blood is the stress that can restore and strengthen the smooth muscles. The number and density of smooth muscles in the penis are not consistent. Smooth muscles constantly thin-out with age. For example, a young man can have up to 60% of smooth muscles in his penis while the older man’s level reaches 25%. Therapy using Hydropump can stop the process of thinning-out and increase their volume, adding the volume to the cells, as well as stimulating the development of new cells.


If you don’t experience regular morning erections, after only 4 or 5 exercises with a hydropump you will feel a noticeable increase of erectile ability and your morning erection will be just as it was in your youth, as they say, “rock hard”, when the penis is extremely dense and elastic, like it’s being “torn from the inside”.

After a series of exercises, the look and the feel of the penis becomes “weighty”, in calm and erect state. The erection increase has a cumulative nature and it stays for a long time, even after stopping the exercises with a hydropump.


Hypersensitivity of the penis head leads to very quick ejaculation, which may cause psychological harm to a man and leave his partner unsatisfied. The sensitivity of the organ is laid on a genetic level but due to many various factors, it may decrease or increase. If the premature ejaculation is due to the high sensitivity of the penis head, then before the sexual intercourse (from 1 minute up to 2-4 hours), consider training your penis with a hydropump. Temporary enlargement of the penis will decrease the sensitivity of the penis and will extend the length of sexual intercourse.

In men with normal and medium sensitivity of the penis head, slight loss of sensitivity is weekly expressed,, while in men that suffer from hypersensitivity, the duration of the sexual intercourse increases in 2-20 times. Meaning, that if your sexual intercourse only lasts 1 minute, after penis pump training, your sexual intercourse will last for 10-20 minutes.

Bathmate products include specially developed “Control”, gel for the sexual intercourse time extension, which decreases the sensitivity of the penis head.


Besides all the physiological and positive effects, Bathmate gives a powerful and psychotherapeutic effect. The insecurity of having a small penis or expectation of failures during sex can bring an end to the sexual relations or relations with the partner as a whole. A larger size of the penis and full erection leads to the appearance of the emotional component, which plays one of the main roles in a man when it comes to the appearance and support of the erection. Additional satisfaction from sex is of the most pleasant and important effects that Bathmate can offer to its customer.