Hydromax 5

Project Description

The Most Advanced Penis Pump Power

formerly known as Hydromax X20

The Bathmate Hydromax 5 is designed to be an excellent starting pump for those measuring up to 5 inches long when erect. Hydromax 5 will make a real difference for your size, erection quality and overall confidence

Instant Results

You will see the results of the first time you use it and the second you release

Real Performance

Hydromax 5 is specially designed to add size, improve the hardness, and boosts your confidence

Better Experience

With over 1 million satisfied users worldwide, we deliver real, lasting improvements for penis size and personal confidence.



Available In 3 Different Colour


The Bathmate Hydromax 5 model allows you to achieve unmatched enlargement results. Being a part of Hydromax Series, the Hydromax 5 design improvements give you water – pressure-charged pump with 35% more power. Which helps you in gaining your strongest largest erection ever.

Hydromax 5 is able to exert a greater amount of pressure on your penis than air – pumps because it uses water instead of air to build pressure. Improvements in the Hydromax 5 design includes a new re-engineered valve that allows one-handed filling of the water, a comfort pad that offers a better grip against the body, and new and improved bellows pump to increase suction.

Similar to all other Bathmate models, the Hydromax 5 can be easily used in the bath or shower, so that you can include Bathmate in your everyday routine without having to find a separate time for it.

Elements of the Bathmate pump-Bathmate uses a bellows pump system that has a soft sealing ring at the bottom to reduce the pressure around your penis and give more comfort around the base and testicle region. As an added bonus, it is also removable for easy cleaning.

A new Swivel Bellows feature allows the pump to fully rotate at a 360-degree angle. This gives you complete visuals of the chamber inside and plus it gives you the flexibility to change the inclined angle when used in the bath or shower.

A sturdy Latch Valve System can be closed completely to allow one-handed water filling in the shower, making Hydro Pump much easier to use and position.

An improved metric and imperial guidance scale gives you improved visual viewing area, plus the vacuum is textured on the outside for better grip and control.

The advanced internal bellows size has been increased and the number of convolutes reduced to allow you to gain even more impressive girth expansion.

Sounds too good to be true? Witness the change and aim for big!

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Better Fit, Better Results

Hydromax 5 will fit if your erect penis measures between

3 - 5In | 8 - 13cm

In length

And less than

6.5In | 16.5cm

In Girth

Other Side

All Hydromax Series Range

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Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back

Bathmate Guarantee

Bathmate company offer a full, no questions asked 60-day refund guarantee on all of our penis pumps. That gives you enough time to see genuine gains (most customers noticing a pronounced effect after the first month of use) and really find out how your pump works.