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Bathmate WideBoy is perfect for maximizing your penis pump results especially in girth, increasing length, girth, erection hardness, and lasting power.

The Maximum Pressure for Girthy Users

Having large girth can really make sex more satisfying for everyone, but it does make it hard to find perfectly sized personal products, from condoms to penis enhancement devices. A recent launch, the Bathmate WideBoy is all about giving maximum results for girthier users, giving you really unbeatable results.

Start out with a Bathmate routine, and you’ll quickly build up genuinely noticeable size improvements across the board. Add even more girth, along with a lasting increase for length, erection strength and lasting power. Packing in some incredible results for any user, this hydropump means a real improvement for personal confidence and self-esteem!

Bathmate Wideboy series is specifically designed for men with a larger than average penis girth. That is to say a girth of 6.5 inches and over. Due to the consistent nature of hydraulic pressure created by the Bathmate range of pumps, the user’s penis will increase in girth a lot quicker than it will in length. This is because the surface area is greater around the girth of the penis than the length. This will result in the penis touching the sides of the pump, meaning the hydraulic pressure will not be able to expand the girth of the penis further. The Wideboy has a wider circumference, leaving enough room for a penis with larger than average girth to expand.


the main advantages of Bathmate wideboy series

Increases Length & Girth

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