Bathmate Success Stories

Bathmate Success Stories

Bathmate Hydropumps are being used by men all around the globe. Take a look at what some of our happy customers have had to say…

Had this now for 4 months and have added 2 inches
Also my erections are stronger and last for hours
I can’t believe what a difference this has made
I am now on weekly maintenance and so far have kept the two inches
When you are using it you will soon see how much each quarter of an inch actually is and your first inch makes a big difference
I tend to go longer than they say and it has worked for me
Amazing product

GreendaveAmazon Buyer

Well what can I say, it does what it says. Slip in your “member” and pump the bathmate up, after 20 mins I guarantee you will be happy and see a significant difference. The results last for a good few hours sometimes to the next day – especially if you over do it like I done ha ha.
This would be good if you were going to meet your partner etc use it prior to meeting your partner to get maximum effect.
This device is designed to be used regularly to get maximum benefit and permenent results. I initially used it daily but got lazy, but when i was using it daily i did start to notice benefits.
My only issue is the price is a bit heavy for what is a pump.

David McclureAmazon Buyer

Bought this product at the end of January. Decided to wait and see if any difference is noticed. Well it’s now the end of March nearly so day 50 in me using it and this is what I’ve found. I’m nearly an inch thicker I wasn’t small to begin with length I’ve added just over 3/4 inch. I’ve used it daily in the shower for 3 X 5 minutes for first month then around twenty minutes the month after. Feels good once suctioned and you can feel it slightly pulling you to hardness. Biggest thing I’ve found is once I’ve used it the effects now last the whole day at least 12 hours and it has also increased stamina which allows me to go much longer without ejeculation so it has an added bonus my partner certainly gives it the thumbs up. Only reason I didn’t give max stars is without a strap shower wise it just has to hang and at times due to weight can pull the penis down probably not an issue in the bath however I don’t have one. Feels comfortable when worn I don’t use the insert find it grips me better without.

Archie MacneilAmazon Buyer

If anyone wants to know if this is the legit bathmate product,then the answer is yes…I have just registered my hydromax x30 on the bathmate website… I only mention this as there are people on YouTube and other websites warning people to stay away from Amazon as it is a copy.anyone wanting to know if this product works then contact me in 2 months from now,as is for now I will say the product looks good and feels good (yep,I just had a session in the bath lol )happy so far.thank you

Lorna RobsonAmazon Buyer

I can now say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is the best thing I’ve ever bought in my adult life. I am currently 2 months into the bathmate and have gained .24 inches in bone pressed erect length and .23 inches in midshaft erect girth.

I started the first month using the newbie bathmate routine going in pretty soft, maybe 40% erect from jelqing a bit.

The second month I started increasing the time and on week 6 started going in with a full erection. I found that once I started going in with a full erection I had to reduce the time of my sessions because I was getting a lot of soreness and red dots.

Here was my routine:

Week 1: 6 min bathmate (flaccid), 100 jelqs pre bathmate, 3 sessions per week
Week 2: 8 min bathmate (flaccid), 150 jelqs pre bathmate, 3 sessions per week
Week 3: 10 min bathmate (flaccid), 150 jelqs pre bathmate, 4 sessions per week
Week 4: 12 min bathmate (flaccid), 200 jelqs pre bathmate, 4 sessions per week
Week 5: 14 min bathmate (75% erect), 200 jelqs post bathmate, 4 sessions per week
Week 6: 14 min bathmate (100% erect), 100 jelqs post bathmate, 4 sessions per week (had to lower the jelqs cause my dick was sore)
Week 7: 14 min bathmate (100% erect), 100 jelqs post bathmate, 4 sessions per week
Week 8: 16 min bathmate (100% erect), 100 jelqs post bathmate, 3 sessions per week

My goal this month is to start doing 5 sessions per week. I’m going to drop the bathmate back down to 10 minute sessions to let my dick acclimate a bit more, also going to increase my jells to 250. I like to do about 50 jelqs pre bathmate to warm up my dick and then another 100-200 post bathmate. Post bathmate your dick is so engorged that jelqing it just feels like its working better.

I’m curious what everyone has experienced in terms of results just using the bathmate, jelqing, and manual exercises? I also bought a size genetics but I honestly haven’t played around with it enough to make it comfortable to wear all day. I want to use this next month to acclimate my dick more to the bathmate then I plan on adding size genetics in next month.

thehappynomadMember at good looking loser forum

I got my BM in February and started using it with a full erection for as long as I could stand and was soon up to 20 minutes. For a while I was measuring weekly but wasnt sure exactly what I was getting, then I stopped measuring…

I started at 6.1 BPEL and 5.5 EG

Today I measured and was 7 inches long! Almost a full inch in less than 3 months!!! I also gained .3 inches in girth which was not all that I wanted but I cant bitch. I dont really do any kind of jelqs and my only warmup is edging, I edge once or twice till I am super engorged before my sessions. I refuse to overthink this and it has worked amazingly!!!

Not bragging (exactly) just sending out good vibes to those who need some positive words.

BawssBoMember at good looking loser forum

I just wanted to share a success story for those of you just now starting PE. I first found GLL last Novemberish and stumbled upon Chris’ posts on PE. After being skeptical I decided what the hell, I have a great paying job so I can afford to shell out $200 for the BM. The past year has been interesting. I started last year but only stuck with it for a little over a month and gained a 1/4 inch in both length and girth. Then I stopped until about July of this year and lost all of my gains and went back to where I started. I have been consistently following a BM routine for 3 months now. I am happy to report that consistency has resulted in my surpassing the 7 inch mark in length (7.25″) to be exact when I started at 6.25″. Here’s the one thing though, BM is known for improving girth but I have barely gained anything in girth. I’m still a little over 5″. I have been thinking about doing 2 days on 1 day off with BM and jelq/stretching. Either way, I’m happy with my gains and hope this provides a little motivation to the guys who are just starting out!

Maverick69Member at good looking loser forum

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