The innovation that changed the game

A truly innovative creation, the Bathmate Hydro 7 took the world by storm when launched in 2006 and is still going strong. With over a million pumps sold in over 70 countries, this is the definitive starter pump for the world of penile enhancement.


Bathmate Hydro 7

The original hydro 7 – the one that started it all. Before the hydromax series and hydroxtreme series, the original flooded the market and innovated the way people extend their penis. The original was first launched in 2006 and has been sold in over 70 countries around the world.

Over 1 million men have used this product in an effort to increase the size of their member.

Two mythical names every man would be proud to call their penis. The hydro 7 came first, and this product was meant for the average male (like you and I). But demand grew, and people wanted a bigger, larger pump, which resulted in the Goliath.

The Goliath is meant for men that already have a larger penis, and it includes 30% more capacity. Many adult film actors used this product to prepare themselves for life on the set. And it is an amazing product that is the first-of-its-kind to provide enlargement through a hydropump.

This is the technology that pushes the Bathmate brand above the competition – and it’s evident why it works so well.

When you place all of this pressure on your penis, you’ll force blood into it and allow it to slowly stretch over time.

But a man’s member is sensitive, and the other air type pumps are quite risky. Bathmate came up with a revolutionary idea – water. Why didn’t anyone think of this before? You’ll be filling the chamber of the Hydro 7 or Goliath (as well as any other products mentioned) with water.

Hercules Features

Add Up To 2 Inches In Length

Instant Visible Results

Helps You Last Longer In Bed

95% Success Rate

Increase Girth By Up To 40%

Produces Rock Hard Erections

Works In The Bath, Shower

250% More Efficient Than Air Pumps

Bathmate size guide, everything you need to know

Looking for the Bathmate Goliath? This has been discountinued and is now succeeded by the Hydromax X50 Xtreme.

Only: $220.00

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