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Success Stories

Bathmate Results: Customer Reviews And Real Expectations

I just want to start off by saying that this is a real 4 month review of the Hydro pump I recently bought. In all honesty, I would buy this pump again because it has made quite the difference in my sex life and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve tried stretchers before but never really committed because you have to wear them for hours on end to get results and it just never fit into my schedule. With the pump, I can do it at night for 30 minutes and be done with it in about the same time that it takes to watch an episode of American Dad on Netflix (makes time go way faster).

I bought the x30, and it seems to be perfect for my size and where I want to be. At the start, I was at about 5.25″ length and 5.5″ girth. I’ve always been a little thick because I used to do jelqing a lot. Now, roughly 4 months later I’m at 6″ length and 6.2″ girth. Can’t tell you how much more confident I’ve been in bed since I’ve started – it’s pretty freaking awesome. Even my girlfriend of 4 years has expressed how much she can feel a difference since I’ve started to use it. She lives out of state so every time we get together I get a little bit bigger and every encounter it gets easier and easier to get her there and it makes it extremely enjoyable for me – and of course for her.

At first, there is a learning curve on how to use it comfortably, but then you just learn to adjust. After about the 2-month mark, I decided to throw in jelqing into the mix and it made a huge difference on how much water I can pump out – it’s insane. Also, I’ve recently stopped using the little padded add-on they place on the “newer” x30s because I found I can’t get as much suction and when I take it off I feel it a hell of a lot more without it. If you’re skeptical, just get the older version because it is cheaper and you get better suction, which in turn means greater gains. I feel as though I’ve been missing out on my older sessions because I kept the little pad on and I couldn’t pump as much.

Currently, I’ve been pumping about 2 days on and one off, roughly. I’ll warm up by doing some jelqing for about 2 minutes then pump for 5-6 then give about a 5-minute break. Within those 5 minutes, I’ll do some more jelqing then afterward I start pumping again, and I just repeat it until I have pumped a full 3 times and jelqed for 5 times.


Please note that you have to put in the time and effort in order to see results!! You can’t expect to go to the gym once a week and be ripped by the end of two months; it just doesn’t work that way! The ones that are giving bad reviews are most likely the ones who don’t put in enough time or aren’t consistent enough! So if you put in the time and effort, it will pay off. I always just tell myself “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and it really sucks – but once you see the expression of your GF shocked at how much bigger you’ve gotten it makes it all worth it. Also, just like working out, having a “decent” diet will go a long way. In the end, it really compares to exercising because when you eat right and are consistent, that’s when you see the most noticeable gains.

Btw, I’ve been doing it in a hot tub which makes it AMAZING. Totally recommended if you have access and the privacy to do so. The higher the water temperature, the more you can pump out!

John Miller

My current routine: 4-5 days a week, session of 5 sets of 5 minutes with a 2-minute break in between sets (around 30 minutes total). This routine is the best for me, and I’ll explain why. The gains below are rounded down (because I’m using tailor tape and not being accurate). I am not going to be guessing what 1/10th of an inch I am at:

-Permanent girth gain -> 0.50″ (more notable – better erections)
-12 to 24 hours girth gain -> 0.20″
-4 to 6 hours girth gain -> 0.28″
-1 to 2 hours girth gain -> 0.35″
-Permanent length gain: 0.45″ (similar to girth, improved EQ)

Those are not the squishy fluid size increases. I am completely rock hard at all of the above numbers. I know that some see these results as underwhelming, but for a skinny guy like myself, these gains are very noticeable. Additionally, not that I am not pressing the pump to its maximum potential.

Overall, I am happy with the BM X40, and I believe that it’s absolutely worth the purchase if you are willing to be patient. If I am able to add 0.2″ to my girth gains in the next couple of weeks, there will be no question that this pump works and is a godsend for men that have a below-average size in girth.

Eric The Man

recently purchased a Bathmate (X50) with the intention of increasing my girth. It seems to have really worked.

My starting girth was 4 3/4 inch (12.1) at the mid shaft with 5 (12.7) around the head. Immediately after pumping my measurements were substantially increased but would return to the pre-pump size after a few days.

After pumping two times a week for a couple of months, my girth seems to have permanently increased. I now measure 5 (12.7) mid-shaft and 5 1/2 (14) around the head. Immediately after pumping I measure 6 (15.2) mid-shaft and 6 3/4 (17.1) around the head. This enlargement lasts for about three days.

Flaccid length has also increased. I am now hanging at 6 (15.2). When actively pumping I reach the 9 1/2 (24.1) end of scale mark.


I got the Bathmate x30 12 months ago, and I really like it. I didn’t know that the newer version xx30 was coming out. I would have waited since I assume it will be an improved design. With that being said, the x30 isn’t a bad design at all. The short few months I’ve had it, I did not experience anything unexpected. There is a learning curve on how to use it quickly and comfortably.

The comfort pad works very well in the bath, but it doesn’t provide enough suction in the shower for the pump to hang without a strap. Removing the comfort pad makes it possible for the x30 to hang from just its suction under the water stream of the shower.

I wouldn’t mind purchasing it again. When I remove the pump after using it, my penis looks fatter and longer than it ever was. I can already see that the gains are becoming more permanent. My flaccid girth and length are unreal compared to my old pre-PE regime flaccid size, my erections are slightly bigger and harder, and I pop semi erections all the time for no reason.

To be 100% honest, I have been using Bathmate in conjunction with jelqing and stretches, and I also stopped looking at porn and masturbating.


I have been using Hydromax since February 2016. When I started, I was 5.4 inches long. My routine is 25 minutes a day for 5 days a week. I do stretching and kegels for the duration of the 25 minutes. And I pump very hard. After 7 months I measured at 6.6 inches, which was amazing. I was maxing out because my girth was filling up the pump. So I used a condom to limit girth expansion and ever since then I have completely gone off the chart of my Hydromax X30. My dong can hit the top of the pump, and would probably be 190mm if the chart extended that far. My confidence ridiculous and I don’t feel small anymore. I really get that domination feeling during sex that I always wanted. My results don’t make sense, and I don’t get why things have worked so amazingly. But I am almost 7.3 inches now after 10 months. Like wtf…


So I am a 39-year-old male. I noticed over the past year that my erections were no longer as hard as they used to be. Still hard enough for sex but not at all anywhere near what they used to be. Doesn’t stand up the way it should. I received my bath mate x30 3 Days ago. Last night was my second time using it. I must say, I’m very impressed already!!!!!

The first night I used it I was able to pump up to 4.5 inches and did that twice for 7 minutes both times. Didn’t notice any change after I was done. But my girlfriend got home from work about 2:30 A.M. and we had sex. Something was a little different. I noticed my erection was a little stiffer. Ok great.

So last night, my second time using it, I was able to pump up to 5.25 inches, and I did that twice for 7 minutes both times. I think I was able to pump up a little more because I used a water based lube on my Penis. It was much more comfortable. When I pumped up, my penis swole up and filled up the complete circumference of the tube. The lube made it slide up easier. Had sex about an hour after and noticed again my erection was a little stiffer.

This morning (Day 3), I actually woke up with an erection. That has not happened for me in years. I also notice my penis is hanging lower and feels fuller. No pain at all. There is a slight little red mark at the base on top but nothing major. A couple of red spots is all. I tried twisting the tube a little after I pumped up to better align the measurement tab and maybe this pinched the skin a little. Everything feels good so far. I will post another review in about a week. So far, I highly recommend this.


Got this pump 2 months ago and thought I would share some of my insights. First of all – despite the rough rubber, I find it very comfortable to wear. The pressure is very good. Second of all – the gains are very evident. After using it for a month, I could tell my penis was bigger both erect and flaccid. Especially the girth increased. I will keep using it and update you guys even more.


I really love this pump. Very easy and enjoyable to use. I am 40 years old and see increases in my penis size immediately after using it. I get instant erections with it despite the fact that many times I cannot get hard. I have the Hydromax Xtreme for the external pump, and it is very useful. Definitely recommend.


I got the Hydromax x30 after trying out the Penomet pump for a few months. The Hydromax is a lot better. I just feel better, and the pressure is stronger. Great buy, probably the best penis pump out there. I used it for several weeks and saw some gains already!


I just got the Hydromax x30 pump and decided to give it a slight stress test, and it holds very well. I did some aggressive usage for several minutes and found that the gaiters are very strong. Definitely high quality. Saw slight results of a swollen looking penis. Not sure if that is normal. But I will continue using it.


So I decided to go with the Hydromax even though I never tried the “beginner” Bathmate pump. This was a good decision since I really like the increased pressure and always max it out. I will follow up with my penis size increase in a later post.


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